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Join Dr Liz in her experiential training about Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core™ – a clinical model she’s developed which draws on her professional experience as a medical doctor, her keen interest in neuroscience, and personal experience of the far-reaching impact of complex trauma.

Dr Liz is a medical doctor, an early adopter of Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and was one of the first SSP providers in the UK.  She has worked with many clients of all ages and varied presentations in person. She now specialises in working online with adults who are experiencing the effect of complex trauma or chronic illness and has worked with clients around the world. 

What You'll Get from the Sensitive Approach Training & Mentoring Programme

Dr Liz is an experienced and well-respected SSP provider who has worked closely with Dr Stephen W Porges. 

Skills to integrate into your practice

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What Others Say

Dr Liz enjoys sharing her experience and expertise with fellow SSP providers both in groups and individually. Here is some feedback received about her workshops and professional guidance sessions.

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While participating in this workshop/training opportunity, I found Liz to be very inclusive in her desire to cater her program to the different nervous systems that may enter the space. She was very informed about the content taught in each session, while also allowing for detours to accommodate the trainees questions and curiosities. Liz has been such a compassionate guide in my journey using the SSP within clinical trauma work and found this training to expand my awareness on how to best support my clients' symptoms
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Amazing course with Liz. My understanding of using SSP while keeping the client safe and within their tolerance levels, and thus my confidence to use it as a tool to enhance my counselling sessions, has increased tenfold. Liz teaches you how to listen to your own, and the client's, inner world.
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I do not believe, that you will be able to find a better support for clients and a more profound training for professionals in the area of trauma and chronic illnesses supported with the Safe and Sound Protocol. Support as well as learning has been life changing and I believe will be desperately needed for so many people.
Regina USA
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I loved learning from Dr. Liz. Her Sensitive Approach class was educational, with plenty of examples, and several demonstrations of her techniques. She teaches unique regulation activities that work and reminds us to be playful and curious with our clients. All building to to help our clients feel safe, and thus trust us and themselves. Thanks Liz.
Cindy USA
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I very much enjoyed the time we spent together with the Sensitive Approach workshop. I'm excited about continuing the conversations. Thank you again for your kindness, presence, and knowledge. There are so many difficult parts of dealing with illness and you and your work offer care and hope when so many don't have the interest of tools to work with these "sensitive system".
Njoki UK
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I took so much away. Loved, loved, loved self-care activities and doing these in a group 🙂
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I've had the pleasure of both attending a workshop and consulting with Dr. Liz Charles'. Learning from Dr. Charles has been an extraordinary journey into the world of working with sensitive nervous systems, particularly for individuals challenged by conditions like Parkinson's disease and other chronic ailments. Her mastery of the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), crafted by Dr. Stephen Porges, is a beacon of hope and transformation. Dr. Charles' wisdom and empathy shine through, equipping me to make a profound difference in the lives of those I serve. An exceptional experience that has redefined my approach to healing.
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I cherished being part of a such a special cohort for the sensitive approach workshops. I have felt inspired, supported and am excited to move forward with the next part of my provider journey. I can’t wait to join your training and mentoring programme.
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Thank you for the invitation to join - I did not expect to be so deeply touched as I have been. Liz was willing to show up and be vulnerable and I think that engendered something very positive in the group dynamic - I am aware of a deep sense of calm almost as if we have been given permission to be gentle - and be present in our work with others.
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This work is life-changing and I am so grateful I met you, Liz. It means so much to me to be part of your sensitive approach workshops, what a wonderful gift. Excellent, brave, generous, kind, genuine, heartfelt, authentic - thank you, thank you, thank you to you and your team
Anne CharlotteUSA
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I enjoyed learning how to work with SSP and watching Dr. Liz demonstrate.
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Great workshop! Really enjoyable and helped me to feel more comfortable in providing SSP to various sensitive clients. I loved working with Liz and looked forward to each of the sessions.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and feel my learning has been enriched. It was also nice to be a part of a committed learning cohort.

What This Programme Offers

Dr Liz will teach you how to use Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core™ for safe and effective delivery of SSP.  Build your understanding and skills as you learn in a small cohort of like-minded professionals. The knowledge from this experiential training and mentoring programme can be adapted to suit any therapeutic modality and client group. The skills can be integrated into your clinical work straight away.

Programme Outline

Is this for you?

You would be welcome to join Dr. Liz in her Sensitive Approach Experiential Training and Mentoring Programme if you:

Module Breakdown

Module 1

Introduction & Self-care

Module 2

Theory & Neuroscience

Module 3

Relational Concepts

Module 4

Skills and Activities

Module 5

Delivering SSP using Sensitive Approach

Module 6

Bringing it all together

SSP Clients

Dr Liz specialises in delivering SSP to adults who experience the effects of complex trauma and chronic illness. She has the privilege of working online with clients in many countries around the world. Here is what some have shared about their time with Liz

Long Covid ClientUK
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After some time investigating SSP as a treatment for long covid, I contacted Liz because I felt re-assured by her approach and medical background. I worked with her for nearly a year where we carefully titrated SSP and with lots of coaching I slowly started to understand what was happening with my nervous system. This illuminated that covid was a trigger for my symptoms, but the cause was persistent nervous system dysregulation as a result of trauma. Over time, my symptoms improved and I gained resilience and the tools to change the trajectory of my life. I will be forever thankful to Liz and SSP for this new perspective and chance at leading a fuller, truer existence
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Travelling the SSP journey with Liz has been both enlightening and life-changing for me. I have a significant trauma history and can say that at all times, I have felt safe and nurtured as we move through the different stages. The process has opened my ability to become more attuned to my body, and I have developed a greater sense of calm and clarity in my life. I find that I have improved my emotional self-regulation and this has had a positive impact on family relationships. Also, some specific physical changes I have experienced have included: a significant reduction in jaw-clenching, and neck tension (which was causing headaches), and most surprisingly for me, it cleared up my blocked sinuses (which had been a problem for decades). I have needed to take my time through the SSP process, allowing my nervous system to adjust and for the ‘new me’ to make the most of the changes and opportunities that SSP delivers. A very positive experience.
Long Covid ClientUK
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Through simply being yourself ('the muse' as Stephen Porges says), you have led me on a journey that has helped me step by step find my way out a very dark hole that I was in. You have been a joy and honour to work with, and you are such a gift to those of us who have been broken, by illness, trauama, disease or otherwise.
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I have gotten so much out of what we’ve done. The power of your presence and witnessing has been incredibly validating and reassuring. It has allowed me to really trust my own slowing down more and more and follow my body. Thank you so much for your time, care, and skill, and for being yourself as you facilitate me.
Long Covid ClientUK
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I do not believe my journey is complete, nor do I believe I have quite found myself on sure ground yet ... but for the first time I can see things emerge inside me and some of the mental confusions and fogginess lift. The journey is a long one. I know that I will have to keep revisinting my state, and checking in on myself, as I do feel my 'sapling' is quite vulnerable. But at least I have a sapling - before I was totally buried underground and beneath rubble.
Chronic Ill HealthUK
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I’m very happy that I’ve done SSP, and I feel very lucky that I’ve done it with Liz. She is not only very caring and passionate about what she does; working directly with Stephen Porges – including on the production of training materials – has also given her a privileged perspective on this precious (and unique!) tool. Even if we worked remotely all the time, Liz managed to create a safe place between us, and from the first session I found it very easy to connect with her. Doing SSP via Zoom meant that we would move substantially slower than usual; however, this ultimately proved very beneficial as this allowed me to dive deeper into the workings of my nervous system.
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Life is enjoyable, not so hard to do anything - everything was so difficult before. I've got my energy source and it’s good energy - for so long I didn't have any energy. it’s been life-changing - like chalk and cheese. This is me. I'm in touch with my nervous system. I've got firmer boundaries. I'm more in touch with my gut feeling and I'm not frightened of it anymore. Family dynamics are different - I'm brighter and more open. I know what my needs are - I'm aware of my body. I know what's mine and what's theirs. I continue to do all my exercises and voos - they have become a way of life. I even want to go travelling.

Ongoing opportunities offered on completion of the programme:

First Cohort Starts October 2023 - Fully Booked

Get in touch to express your interest in the next cohort starting in January 2024.

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