1:1 Professional Guidance & SSP Delivery

Support for new and experienced SSP Providers.

Dr. Liz is a Unyte Endorsed Mentor for SSP. 

Dr Liz is pleased to share her Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core™ to support fellow SSP Providers.  

This can be at a professional level to discuss and guide their delivery of SSP for their own clients, and a personal level with their own experience of individual SSP delivered by her.

Dr Liz is pleased to support fellow SSP Providers by sharing her Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core with them. This can be at a professional level to discuss and guide their delivery of SSP for their own clients, and a personal level with their own experience of individual SSP delivered by her.

1:1 Professional Guidance

Dr Liz shares her Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core™ to support SSP Providers, of any level of experience, who are committed to personalised and effective SSP delivery and better outcomes for their clients. The one-hour online sessions can be either on a one-off or ongoing basis, with content tailored to suit the needs of the individual provider.
Examples of the way she can help you include:

Creating a positive ripple effect
of greater compassion, understanding, & healing
for better health & well-being.

1:1 Personal SSP delivery by Dr Liz

The body hasn’t read the book’ is a way Dr Liz likes to explain how the personal experience of SSP can be very different to what might be imagined, regardless of professional position or cognitive knowledge. Self-delivery of SSP is therefore not recommended for anyone. Therapists and SSP providers can benefit at many levels from their own personal experience of SSP sensitively delivered to suit their own system by an experienced SSP provider.

The opportunity to experience and explore different ways to integrate shifts and changes can provide a valuable addition to ongoing self-care. Elements of the experiential learning using Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core™ can also be incorporated into client work of different modalities so that professional life can also benefit.

Dr Liz has had the privilege to witness many SSP providers and fellow professionals experience profound shifts and beneficial changes during her delivery of SSP to them, with significant ongoing improvement in mental and physical health. Please see below for testimonials.


Clinical social worker & newly qualified SSP providerUSA
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'I reached out to Dr. Liz for mentorship as my practice began using SSP with our adult clients who have experienced developmental or complex trauma.

Her warmth, expertise, and passion for attuned care makes our time together profoundly supportive and orienting to this very potent tool. We find ourselves laughing, tearing up, moving along with Liz as we explore the terrain of the SSP, from broad theoretical strokes to specific clinical detail. She's an exceptional guide and companion in providing the SSP to vulnerable clients.'
Experienced yoga teacher and course trainerUSA
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Whether it is administering the SSP protocol or inviting a fresh perspective based on her personal in-depth explorations Dr. Liz Charles radiates enthusiasm and creativity. You feel completely welcomed.

For those of us with trauma history or frayed and frightened nervous systems her presence creates a sense of safety and belonging. Working with Dr. Charles is both liberating and healing.'
Psychotherapist and experienced SSP providerUK
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‘As a practitioner, I have found Dr. Liz exceptionally reflective in her practice and in the way she provides me with professional guidance in my client work. Liz absolutely lives by the principle of doing no harm which can only translate into clients’ sense of safety and care. I couldn’t recommend Liz enough, both as a provider and a professional guidance.’
Psychotherapist and newly qualified SSP providerUSA
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‘I sought consultation from Liz Charles after my training in the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP). Her wealth of knowledge, warm, professional approach and passion for this intervention is contagious and encouraging. She is an expert who shares her experience and expertise in an accessible and generous way. I look forward to continuing my work with Liz’s support’.

Looking for Professional Guidance?

Liz offers professional guidance to new & experienced SSP Providers. Fill out the form on the contact page for one-off or on-going support.