What is Sensitive Approach?

Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core™

Dr Liz has developed Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core™ over years of in-depth clinical work. It combines her personal experience and deep understanding of the impact of trauma, her medical knowledge and interest in neuroscience, along with her innate desire to help others reach the best of their ability.

Using the Sensitive Approach, Dr Liz aims to provide a warm and sincere welcome for each individual she works with and build connection with them in an attuned, kind and authentic way. Developing a relationship of trust and mutual respect is a core component of the Approach as Dr Liz helps her clients learn more about how their system responds to stress, and how they can develop supportive practices for enhanced wellbeing. It can be useful both within the context of SSP delivery and more widely by supporting other therapeutic modalities.
SSP Liz and Brain
The Sensitive Approach provides a framework for delivering SSP that is rewarding and supportive for the provider as well as the client and can be integrated into other clinical practices. There are three strands to the work that ‘weave’ together in a way to fit the client’s particular needs and situation:
The Sensitive Approach is suitable for SSP providers working with any client population and can be integrated into their practice alongside their other therapeutic modalities. It combines gentle awareness of physiological state, personalised regulation support, and individual pacing of the SSP listening which enhances the potential for change and offers hope.

Having the ‘Client at the Core’ means having respect for each individual and fully appreciating the strength and courage they have needed to get to this point. Clients often come to this work feeling discouraged, confused, and powerless. It is their journey, and it is a privilege to accompany them with compassion, through the inevitable ups and downs, and twists and turns.

Being thoughtful, informed, authentic, attuned, and present in the moment will help them build trust. Giving the support and resources they need, at the right time, and in the right way, and providing encouragement to make small changes can give them confidence and hope.

How can I help?

1:1 Support

Dr Liz shares her Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core™ to support SSP Providers, of any level of experience, who are committed to personalised and effective SSP delivery and better outcomes for their clients.

Self-Care Module

Join Dr Liz in this stand-alone 3-hour video module for clinicians as she welcomes you to the Sensitive Approach: Client at the CoreTM and offers tools to enhance your own well-being as well as your clients.

SSP Skills Workshops

Join Dr Liz as she uses the skills with her clients online when delivering SPP online using her Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core™. You will see demonstrations of activities you can integrate into your clinical work straight away

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