Client at the Core ™ | Dr Liz Charles

What is Sensitive Approach™ ?

Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core is a clinical model that Dr Liz Charles has developed which draws on her professional experience as a medical doctor, her keen interest in neuroscience, and personal experience of the far-reaching impact of complex trauma. Having survived significant and sustained trauma in childhood and as an adult, she has a deep understanding of the impact of trauma, and the potential for deep healing and transformation with the support of compassionate and skilled therapists.

Liz has developed the Sensitive Approach over many years of in-depth work with clients, and more recently by specialising in delivering SSP to adults who experience the effects of complex trauma and chronic illness.
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Meet Dr Liz

Liz began her career as a family doctor in Southwest England and today has a busy online clinical practice using her Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core. As well as working with individual clients, she shares her approach in clinical advisory work with training and mentoring. From ongoing study of neuroscience relating to body-brain connection, she is always learning and deepening her understanding of the impact of trauma.

Liz is an experienced SSP provider who specialises in working with adults experiencing the effects of complex trauma and chronic illness.

How can I help?

1:1 Support

Dr Liz shares her Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core™ to support SSP Providers, of any level of experience, who are committed to personalised and effective SSP delivery and better outcomes for their clients.

Self-Care Module

Join Dr Liz in this stand-alone 3-hour video module for clinicians as she welcomes you to the Sensitive Approach: Client at the CoreTM and offers tools to enhance your own well-being as well as your clients.

SSP Skills Workshops

Join Dr Liz as she uses the skills with her clients online when delivering SPP online using her Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core™. You will see demonstrations of activities you can integrate into your clinical work straight away

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Client Work

After working with clients of all ages and with varied presentations, I now specialise in working with adults who are experiencing the effects of complex trauma or chronic illness. My work is entirely online which I find very effective, and this allows me to work with clients around the world.
Using my ‘Sensitive Approach: Client at the Core’, I carefully titrate the delivery of SSP to match each individual’s system, sensitivities, and situation. Careful pacing of the process is needed to ensure there is enough opportunity to integrate any shifts and changes.
I have had the privilege to witness many clients experience profound shifts and significant beneficial changes during their work with me. It’s a wonderful way to spread ripples of improved health and well-being around the world!


With the support of Dr Stephen Porges and his research team led by Dr Jacek Kolacz, I am running a feasibility study about the impact of SSP on the features of Parkinson’s Disease.
I am currently working with several clients diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s exciting and fascinating to see the various benefits they are each experiencing from SSP, and I hope to undertake a more formal clinical trial soon.
Videos about my work with Dennis, my first client with Parkinson’s Disease, show the remarkable changes he has experienced as a result of SSP. A video shown at the Polyvagal Institute Summit in November 2021 includes a discussion with Dr Porges.
I am interested in extending this research to other chronic illnesses in the future.

Creating a positive ripple effect
of greater compassion, understanding, and healing
for better health and well-being.